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USAID: An organization to protect

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USAID is responsible for development as a catalytic actor, it is an international development agency. The United States Agency for International Development helps to increase National security with the help of its unique strategies. USAID also tries to demonstrate generosity to America and the main thing is that it develops a path for self-reliance. Therefore, recently USAID has been able to provide $ 64 million for emergency food assistance for the people of Lebanon. 

Working Of USAID

USAID tries to solve every possible situation whether it is a food crisis or covid 19 Situation and even the climate change, USAID tries to resolve every problem for its people. USAID is famous for its humanitarian assistance and will fulfill all its commitments, when there is a time of disaster. 

With the help of unique skills of USAID, threats to national security could be figured out and can be avoided. To protect Americans in every corner of the world little investments are needed; these will save lives and will promote social progress. 

First Provider For Foreign Aid 

On September 4, 1961, Congress passed the Foreign Assistance Act, which consolidated American foreign aid initiatives and required the establishment of a body to oversee economic help. President John F. Kennedy later created USAID by executive order in an effort to consolidate many existing foreign assistance organizations and programmes under a single institution.USAID became the first American entity providing foreign aid whose main objective was long-term socioeconomic development.

The Main Aim Of USAID

For a variety of reasons, USAID’s decentralized network of resident field missions is used to manage USG initiatives in low-income nations. catastrophe assistance,poverty reduction,  technical collaboration on international matters, such as the environment, U.S. bilateral objectives as well as socioeconomic progress. 

In order to develop a free, secure, and prosperous world, they advocate for and uphold democratic values overseas. Thai work is done by several means like reducing the poverty or strengthening of the government, USAID also tries other ways such as the humanitarian crisis has increased it tries to overcome that and saves lives of millions.USAID tried to make partnership bonds with other countries and asks them for some investment for the said purpose. 

Supporting Global Security

A lot of efforts are being made to strengthen economic growth so that it could be possible for the USAID to help its partners to meet development goals. Because of such an strategy of USAID a great help is provided to open markets for goods and commerce which ultimately helps to promote prosperity. 

Therefore, recently USAID has been able to provide $ 64 million for emergency food assistance for the people of Lebanon. Sustainable development and peace is what USAID seeks for. 

Helping Hands Of USAID

Over 70 countries have joined as a helping hand to the USAID through the Open Government Partnership. This will help to improve transparency, citizen engagement, and new technologies in terms of governance. 

Since October 2020 the United States government has funded approximately $510 million for helping the Lebanon people who are in need of food and shelter. USAID is concerned about the increasing needs and is seeking help from other countries to contribute for the same humanitarian purpose.

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