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Toplyne, A Saas Startup, Receives $15 Million Fund

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Toplyne Labs Pte. Ltd., a supplier of software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, declared on Tuesday that it had raised $15 million (or approximately Rs. 115 crores) in a Series A fundraising round that was co-led by Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital India.

The software-as-a-service platform Toplyne announced that it has secured $2,500,000 in new capital from the Together Fund, the Surge Accelerator Program of Sequoia Capital India, and angel investors from Canva, Freshworks, and Zoominfo.

Toplyne: About The Platform

A SaaS platform called Toplyne assists product-led growth (PLG) businesses in improving their freemium user conversion rates. It started operating in June 2021. Toplyne accomplishes this by examining user activity within a product to identify people who have demonstrated a high intent to purchase.

Future Planning Of Toplyne

Toplyne intends to finalize the product roadmap and grow its engineering, data science, product, and design teams, with the additional funds,

SaaS go-to-market strategy has undergone a fundamental shift every ten years. The sales-led movement dominated the 2000s. The evolution of inbound marketing became the norm in the 2010s.

Product-led growth (PLG) will be the standard strategy going forward, according to Toplyne co-founder Ruchin Kulkarni, as we enter the third stage of the SaaS GTM strategy.

About The PLG Businesses

Former Sequoia India investment advisers who created Toplyne spent months interviewing hundreds of revenue executives at PLG businesses of all sizes, from early-stage startups to major public firms.

We discovered that the majority of PLG companies were flying blind after chatting with hundreds of them. Furthermore, even the best had invested many months (if not years) and hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing sophisticated internal technologies that ultimately failed, according to Rishen Kapoor, co-founder, and CEO of Toplyne.

More than 10 of the top SaaS firms in early to pre-IPO stage companies have already started using Toplyne just three months after the product introduction.

Rohit Khanna, the co-founder of Toplyne and former vice president of product at Clevertap, said, “We knew we were onto something when we witnessed their sales conversion rate increase in only a few days.

Investors Related To Toplyne And Its Working 

Toplyne also has the support of a number of well-known angel investors, including Arjun Pillai, a ZoomInfo executive, and founders of Cred, Razorpay, and Unacademy, Shashank Kumar, and Harshil Mathur.

Toplyne says it can quickly test and scale several go-to-market (GTM) strategies by analyzing complex patterns in massive amounts of product-usage data to find users and accounts with the highest desire to convert to paid subscriptions.

The firm raised $2.5 million (about Rs 19 crore) in November 2021 from the Together Fund, the Surge accelerator program run by Sequoia Capital India, and angel investors from Canva, Freshworks, and Zoominfo.

Being a monetization software today is intriguing. SaaS multiples have never been lower. The funding markets are closing down. ARR is once again trendy. PLG SaaS providers require that their free users upgrade to paid subscriptions.

And it needs to happen right away. Toplyne closes this gap by enabling companies to profit from their product-driven expansion, according to Kulkarni.


According to a statement from the startup, Toplyne has signed up a number of notable clients, including Canva, Grafana, and Gather. InVideo, Town, and BrowserStack. In order to sign up waitlisted customers, the company also intends to launch a self-serve freemium product in the future quarter.

Software firms must deal with the significant issue of monetizing freemium consumers with a PLG motion. Sequoia India’s MD, Ashish Agrawal, expressed his excitement at the progress made by the Toplyne team and product in their first year of operation.

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