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Tools that will make your DIY Home projects Easier

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Home DIY can be a very fulfilling hobby, allowing you to truly make your house your home, tailoring it exactly to your preferences. Of course, many people first discovered a love of DIY during the lockdowns, with sales for paint and building materials surging

Want to refresh your home once again and rediscover the joys of DIY? Here are a few essential items for your toolkit: 

  • Extension leads – Redecorating your space and reorganising it often come hand in hand. When you’ve finished redecorating, you may want to further freshen up your room by changing the location of your furniture and appliance. This is easier if you don’t have any logistical issues, and extension leads can help with this. Relocate your appliances without worrying about the length of their wires or a shortage of sockets. 
  • Screwdrivers– these are a crucial asset in any DIYer’s toolbox. Keep your bases covered with a crosshead, flat head and a posidrive. To save space on storage, get a screwdriver with interchangeable tips. 
  • Allen keys – Usually necessary when putting flat-pack furniture together, a set of allen keys will never steer you wrong. The most common size is 4mm and you’ll probably be best getting an L-shaped allen key for DIY purposes. 
  • Stanley knife – This versatile tool is renowned for its ability to do many different things and it’s perfect for the avid DIY-er. There are a few different varieties that you can choose from, depending on your purposes. A Stanley knife with a Carbide blade is great for cutting especially tough materials. A hooked-blade Stanley knife helps if you cut a lot of plastic sheeting or floor coverings. Work with heavy weights and need blades that won’t snap under pressure? Try a FatMax Stanley knife.
  • Spirit level – installing new shelves or new artwork? Avoid any wonkiness by getting a reliable spirit level. Consider the size of the type of jobs you’ll be doing, as it’s usually best to use one that’s similar in size to the surface you’re checking. Assess the reliability of its specs before you buy too – the best ones are accurate to 0.5mm per metre. 
  • A cordless drill – There’s no need to worry about trailing wires when you have a cordless drill. Battery capacities range from 1.5Ah to 4.0Ah, and the higher the amount of Ah your drill has, the longer you can expect it to last before it needs to be charged. Think about which types of DIY tasks you tend to do and decide whether a drill driver or combi drill is better suited to your needs.

Got exciting big renovation plans or simply need to do some odd jobs? Whichever it is, having a tool kit that contains everything you need means you can just get on with it without any hitches. 

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