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Cresta Invested $50M in Series B funding after Abandoned Merger, Zoom And Five9

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Cresta uses AI to mentor customer service agents in real-time, raises $50M Series B led by Sequoia Capital

Cresta,  an AI-powered platform that provides real-time services to assist customer service professional agents with inquiries on chats or in conversations in  San Francisco.

Cresta has secured $50 million in a Series B round of funding. The company’s most recent investment follows a year of expansion that saw its revenues increase. It was headed by Sequoia Capital, with the involvement of Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Porsche Ventures, and Allen & Company. It’s tough to draw too many conclusions from any first-year revenue growth data, but it’s obvious that businesses have a strong need for technology that will enable them to optimize their operations that interact with customers.

Zayd Enam claims that customer care software startups have typically been the “stinky armpit” of businesses. Zoom’s attempt to launch its second act with a splashy $14.7 billion deal to acquire call center business Five9 is proof that this perception is beginning to change.

However, Zoom, Five9, and Genesys—another major player in the call center sector—are now collaborating to invest in Enam’s business, Cresta, even though the deal finally fell through. The firm, which is based in San Francisco, revealed that it has secured $80 million in a Series C led by Tiger Global, raising its worth to $1.6 billion. Before one year, it invested $50M in Series Bin in Sequoia-led.

Enam was included in Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 list for 2018 and the AI 50 list of promising AI businesses was introduced by Cresta. Real-time insights throughout a discussion are provided by the company’s AI-powered software to assist customer care representatives in resolving issues and salespeople in closing agreements.

Numerous businesses have emerged to offer their perspectives on how automation might enhance businesses’ connections with their consumers, showing that contact centers have proven to be fruitful ground for AI. Talkdesk introduced a new “human-in-the-loop” AI contact center trainer, while Uniphore announced a fresh $140 million investment to evaluate emotion and engagement in voice and video-based contacts.

The Expertise AI platform Cresta, which transforms any agent into “a 10x agent,” is now available. Cresta takes in real-time discussions and prompts agents with ideas, such as FAQs for troubleshooting, objection responses, and setting expectations. Cresta may use this information to compare their models to top performers and then spread best practices throughout the organization. By accessing the appropriate software tool, automatically filling out a ticket or lead entries, placing orders, and carrying out account validation, the solution also assists in automating agent workflows at the ideal time. Cresta supercharges agents by encouraging excellent practices and automating repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on what matters: their engagements.

Cresta has things in common with many of these businesses, but it’s concentrating particularly on observing what the top-performing agents do and imparting that knowledge to others while pushing them with suggested solutions. To stay up with the booming digital economy, contact centers urgently require modern technology. Eschenbach added  Cresta provides real-time suggestions and suggested responses to sales and service agents, ultimately increasing their productivity and efficiency. We’re thrilled to work with Cresta’s outstanding team as they fundamentally change the contact center industry with their tested AI technology.

Cresta recently unveiled Cresta for Voice, a complete solution for teams using phones that produces quantifiable business results in a matter of weeks. Cresta for Voice’s key features includes dynamic reminder triggering for critical agent behaviors that improve business outcomes, real-time agent coaching and assistance during customer phone calls, and quick access to knowledge base answers to speed up answering customer questions.

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